Choosing an Asphalt or Concrete Driveway for Your Texas Home [Pros and Cons]

March 1, 2023

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Homeowners often ask, which is better, asphalt or concrete, for a Texas driveway? This is a fair question, as asphalt quickly becomes a favorite choice for many property owners. However, concrete still offers some advantages!

Check out some pros and cons of both materials to determine the right choice for your property. Also, you can then discuss these choices in detail with a paving installer near you!

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Which is Better, Asphalt or Concrete?

There is no simple answer to which is better, an asphalt or concrete driveway. You might consider how the two materials stack against each other. You can then decide which is the better option for your driveway!

Pros and cons of an asphalt driveway in Texas

Asphalt driveways offer many advantages over concrete. One, it’s more affordable, so it’s an excellent choice for larger lots. Two, asphalt cures quickly, so you can start driving on it far sooner than concrete! Also, softer asphalt might absorb noise better than concrete for a quieter environment. That soft surface is also more comfortable for foot traffic.

The dark color of asphalt can provide a stunning contrast to your home, lawn, and landscaping features. It can also reduce glare, which is an excellent choice for bright summertime weather! Moreover, homeowners can patch asphalt cracks and potholes more easily than concrete, making repairs cheaper.

Consider, too, that contractors can often add a new asphalt layer or chip sealant to existing pavement quickly and easily. In turn, you can avoid tearing out and replacing your driveway even if it’s severely damaged. This can also mean lower maintenance costs over the years.

On the other hand, dark asphalt does tend to hold heat. In turn, it’s not always the best choice for areas with harsh sun exposure. Lastly, asphalt might last 30 years when properly maintained. Concrete is typically more durable, often lasting some 50 years or more.

concrete driveway for a TX home

Pros and cons of a concrete driveway for a Texas home

While concrete is typically more expensive than asphalt, it usually lasts several years longer. It’s also naturally more durable in extreme heat. For example, parking a car in one spot for long periods on hot asphalt can mean indentations and potholes!

Additionally, some homeowners might prefer the look of concrete versus asphalt. Contractors can even paint and stamp concrete to mimic brick, stone, and other materials. In turn, it’s often easier to coordinate concrete with a home’s exterior colors or a property’s landscaping.

However, light gray concrete can create a glare under bright sunlight. Its slick surface can also risk more skidding and resultant accidents. Concrete repairs are also typically more difficult and costlier than asphalt patching.

Concrete takes far longer to set and cure, as said. So sometimes, you might not be able to use your driveway for a full week or longer after installation! This can mean lots of inconvenience and disruption for any family.

asphalt driveway for texas house

Why Use Asphalt Instead of Concrete?

In brief, there are a few simple reasons why a homeowner might choose asphalt instead of concrete:

  • Asphalt is typically far cheaper to install
  • Soft asphalt absorbs sound for a quieter outdoor environment
  • Asphalt absorbs shock better than concrete, making it an excellent surface for play
  • Bumpy asphalt can mean added traction and less risk of a collision
  • Dark asphalt can stand out better against your home and lawn
  • Asphalt cures quickly, so you can drive on it sooner
  • A homeowner can more readily patch asphalt themselves

The Best Type of Driveway for a Home

The best type of driveway for your home is one that fits your budget, both for installation and long-term maintenance. Also, never overlook the need for an attractive surface outside your home! A dull, industrial material like gray concrete can detract from your entire property.

Moreover, consider if you have children who might play in the driveway. If so, softer asphalt can mean a more comfortable surface underfoot. At the same time, if you park a vehicle on your driveway for an extended time, this can damage asphalt. This is especially true in hot weather! Consider all these factors carefully before making a decision on a driveway for your home.

Dallas Asphalt Paving is happy to help answer the question, which is better, asphalt or concrete? Contact our Dallas asphalt installation contractors. We offer FREE estimates and expert installation services. Additionally, we guarantee every project to last for years. For more information, reach out to us today.

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