Asphalt Paving vs. Concrete Paving Repair in Dallas, TX

October 18, 2022

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Property owners should never put off needed asphalt paving or concrete repair in Dallas. The longer you ignore cracks, chips, spalling, and potholes, the worse they get! Also, those openings hold water which then affects the rest of that paving, risking more extensive damage. Consequently, your eventual repairs get more costly the longer you ignore pavement damage.

Above all, cracks, chips, potholes, and other issues create dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. They also create a very unsightly, rundown look! To better understand what’s needed for your property, consider some details about asphalt paving vs. concrete. You might also note some signs that it’s time to consider full repaving versus patching and other repair work.

Dallas Asphalt Paving vs. Concrete Repair Methods

First, note some common concrete repair methods so you know how a contractor might tackle your property. First, epoxy injections help to fill holes and cracks, offering a watertight bond. These injections also provide added strength for weakened concrete.

Routing and sealing repair provides repairs for larger cracks. A contractor uses a router to open a crack and expose the concrete underneath. He or she creates a V-shaped groove in the concrete, then fills the groove with suitable materials. That patching material then dries and hardens, filling the crack and strengthening the concrete.

Stitching repairs long concrete cracks. In this process, a contractor drills underneath the crack and then runs specialty wire through those holes. Next, he or she anchors the wires with specialty grout. Lastly, a contractor might fill some cracks or potholes with concrete patching mixtures. Adding fresh concrete over the old helps fill in holes and provide a strong surface.

asphalt paving vs concrete dallas

Dallas asphalt paving repair methods vary slightly. Patching involves filling potholes or cracks with new asphalt mixtures. This method is excellent for smaller or less serious damage along asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt grinding starts with a contractor removing the top layer of asphalt, which improves drainage and its level. A contractor might then recommend an overlay, or a thin layer of new asphalt over the existing pavement. Often called a chip seal, this process starts with a coating of liquid asphalt. Next, a contractor sprays aggregate over that liquid, then allows the material to dry.

Sealcoating also helps fill in minor cracks and other damage while restoring asphalt color and providing added protection to the material below. A sealcoat won’t address larger cracks and potholes but can make asphalt look like new!

Should You Repair or Replace Your Property’s Pavement?

When it’s time for asphalt paving or concrete repair in Dallas, should you consider repaving instead? Your contractor can offer some suggestions on the best choice. However, consider the pavement’s age along with its overall condition and expected lifespan. After so many years, the pavement will break down so much that repaving is more cost-effective than patching.

Also, extensive damage might be as costly to repair and install new pavement! Trying to patch overly large cracks or fill in lots of potholes can mean expensive repair bills. In turn, repaving can mean stronger pavement that lasts for years, for about the same cost as extensive repairs. Repaving also means not having to worry about repairs for many years, saving you that time and hassle.

Additionally, consider if repaving gives you a chance to install a different paving material that’s better suited for your property. For example, asphalt offers lots of natural traction as well as shock and sound absorption, for a safer exterior lot. It’s dark color also reduces glare during the state’s long summer months! Dark asphalt also provides more contrast for parking lines and other markings, for added safety on a commercial property.

Lastly, note if you might sell your property sometime in the near future. Repaving can increase a property’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Fresh pavement or a full-scale chip seal also creates a more attractive surface. In those cases, new concrete or entirely fresh asphalt can be well worth the installation costs!

Dallas Asphalt Paving is happy to provide this information about asphalt paving and concrete repair for Dallas properties. Hopefully, you found it helpful when it comes to your property’s paving needs. Also, if you’re in the market for expert paving services, call our Dallas asphalt installation contractors. We offer FREE consultations and price quotes for all your asphalt repair and installation needs. Above all, we guarantee our services to last, and put that promise in writing! To find out more, use our contact form or just give us a call today.

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