Does Sealcoating a Driveway in Dallas Really Work?

July 23, 2020

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Concrete and asphalt are dense and durable and meant to last for years, but it’s still vital that a homeowner consider sealcoating a driveway on a Dallas property regularly. Sealcoating or a sealant provides many advantages for your pavement and can be more cost-effective in the long run than neglecting this needed service.

If you’ve been putting off needed seal coating for your property, you might note some vital factors to consider about this work and why it’s so advantageous. It’s also helpful to consider the differences between sealcoating a driveway in Dallas and chip sealant or a tar and chip treatment, and a fresh asphalt layer. You can then discuss your options with asphalt paving contractors in Dallas and choose the right option for your property.

sealcoating a driveway dallas

What Is Sealcoating a Driveway in Dallas?

 Sealcoating a driveway in Dallas refers to applying a layer of sealant or another protective coating over that asphalt or concrete. This sealant protects asphalt and concrete from harsh weather conditions, water damage, and other everyday wear and tear.

To seal coat pavement, an asphalt paving contractor in Dallas cleans the pavement thoroughly, removing any loose gravel, dirt, oil, and the like. This offers a fresh, smooth, clean surface for the sealant. Small potholes and chips are also filled in as needed. The sealant is then applied and allowed to dry before vehicles drive on that surface.

How is Sealcoating a Driveway in Dallas Different Than a Chip Sealant?

It’s vital that property owners understand the difference sealcoating and a chip sealant, or what’s also called a tar and chip. First note that asphalt is made with a mixture of aggregates, meaning gravel or other stone chips, along with a petroleum-based bitumen or cement. When first applied, these materials are mixed together, heated to stay soft and pliable, and then spread along a surface and pressed into place. Once cool, the material hardens and becomes usable asphalt.

A chip seal or tar and chip uses the same materials but is applied first with a layer of hot liquid bitumen. Aggregates are then sprayed over this layer and pressed into place, and then allowed to dry and harden. This chip sealant provides a fresh top coat for asphalt, filling in small cracks and offering a like-new appearance.

sealcoating in dallas

Note that a sealant provides protection for your property’s asphalt against weather and harsh sunlight, but it doesn’t fill in cracks and other such damage. Sealcoating a driveway in Dallas might also improve its appearance somewhat; however, if you’re considering painting parking lines and other markings on your asphalt and need a like-new appearance, consider a chip sealant versus sealcoating.

Is a Sealant the Same as Driveway Resurfacing in Dallas?

The term “resurfacing” is often used by homeowners to mean a wide variety of needed services; for example, they might need asphalt crack repair for a Dallas property, or are looking to cover a worn and faded asphalt driveway, residential tennis court, or other area. However, resurfacing typically refers to adding a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete over current pavement, not simply filling in areas with a tar and chip or sealcoating a driveway on a Dallas property.

A fresh layer of asphalt is an excellent choice for filling in potholes, chips, tire marks, and cracks, and for covering over spalling or those unsightly surface cracks that often appear on pavement after so many years. Driveway resurfacing in Dallas also means a thicker, more durable drive, able to withstand wear and tear from overly heavy vehicles such as trailers, ATVs, and the like.

Why Your Property Needs Driveway Sealcoating in Dallas

Note a few reasons why it’s vital that you schedule regular driveway sealcoating in Dallas. The first is that a sealant provides that added barrier of protection against harsh weather, drying sunlight, motor oil and other corrosive fluids, lawn care chemicals, and stand water. These all break down asphalt, leading to potholes, chips, cracks, and surface spalling.

Sealcoating a driveway in Dallas expands asphalt’s lifespan, reducing the need for new asphalt installation over the years. Not only does this mean less cost for property owners, but it can also mean not having to tear up and replace that asphalt as often. In turn, old asphalt that isn’t recycled is kept out of landfills and there is less need for new asphalt as well. This makes sealcoating a very eco-friendly choice for property owners.

Regular sealants are especially vital for Dallas property owners, as direct, hot sunlight can cause asphalt to become brittle and then break apart, leading to chips, cracks, and potholes. Sudden changes in weather also lead to freeze-thaw cycles that damage asphalt materials and also lead to premature breakdown. To avoid this damage, consider regular driveway sealcoating in Dallas.

Can You Manage Dallas Driveway Sealcoating Yourself?

 Sealcoating a driveway in Dallas might seem like a simple, straightforward task but it’s typically far more complicated than homeowners realize. One reason for this is that an asphalt or concrete surface needs proper cleaning and prep work before sealing, to ensure it holds that sealant in place. Simply sweeping the surface with a stiff broom won’t do; it might require pressure washing, stain removal, and other such specialty work.

In some cases, sealcoating a driveway on a Dallas property might not offer the results you expect. For example, some homeowners might assume that a sealant covers over potholes or will restore asphalt to its original, deep color. For very damaged pavement, a chip sealant or resurfacing might be needed instead of a new layer of sealant.

Your asphalt contractor can also note how long the sealant needs to dry or cure before you can use that pavement. Driving over sealant before it’s properly set can mean ruining its surface or sealing properties, and you might also spray it over your vehicle as well! To ensure a proper, thorough job that lasts, rely on a professional when it’s time for sealcoating a driveway on a Dallas area property.

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