Historic Places to Visit in Downtown Carrollton, TX

February 8, 2021

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Are you looking for historic places to visit in downtown Carrollton, TX? If you love historic culture, there is no better place to be than the state of Texas! Many attractions in The Lone Star State date back to the country’s founding and offer a unique look at “how the west was won,” and how western culture has grown and developed over the centuries.

For those who live nearby or who are planning a visit, check out this quick list of historic places to visit in downtown Carrollton, TX. As always, check ahead for COVID-19 restrictions and other closures, and bring masks for everyone in the family especially for indoor attractions in case of requirements. Otherwise, enjoy your time in this scenic and historically rich city!

Bloom’s Candy and Soda Pop Shop

bloom candy shop carrollton

If you remember visiting dime stores and candy shops as a kid, it’s time to visit the Bloom’s Candy and Soda Pop Shop! This quaint shop offers retro candy and sodas not easily found on store shelves, often in their original packaging for a truly authentic look and feel. The store boasts over 400 retro sodas and even odd candies you won’t typically find elsewhere, such as Jack Daniels chocolate and gummy pickles! To find out more, visit their website at https://www.candycarrollton.com/.

A.W. Perry Homestead

aw perry homestead carrollton tx

The A.W. Perry Homestead is over 100 years old and offers visitors a glimpse of Texas life at the beginning of the 20th century. Homestead tours feature the rebuilt home and its surrounding grounds, including hands-on demonstrations and even some team competitions! To find out more including COVID-19 restrictions for tours, visit their website at https://www.cityofcarrollton.com/departments/departments-g-p/parks-recreation/facilities/a-w-perry-homestead-museum.

The Finishing Touch Antique Mall

Whether you need vintage linens or furniture or want to find a valuable antique from the old west, you can probably find it at the Finishing Touch Antique Mall. The mall itself is even styles like an old west storefront, for a full-scale historic feel. Visit http://www.thefinishingtouchantiquemall.com/ to find out more.

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum

flight museum carrollton

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is a must-see for aviation lovers and especially those who appreciate historic planes and other forms of flight. Based in nearby Addison, the museum offers a close-up look of various historic planes and even a retired military tank, for an outstanding experience for everyone in the family. To find out more about the museum and what you can expect, check out their website, https://cavflight.org/.

Torian Log Cabin

Just a short 20 minute drive away, the Torian Log Cabin or Pioneer Cabin is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get a personal look at life just a few short centuries ago. The cabin is small but maintains authentic furnishings and even a few children’s toys inside, so it offers something for everyone in the family to see and appreciate.

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