How Asphalt Resurfacing and Parking Lot Striping Improve Your Property’s Safety

April 22, 2019

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If you own a commercial property of any sort, you might not realize the importance of asphalt resurfacing and parking lot striping for Dallas businesses, and other simple ways of enhancing the safety and appearance of your building’s exterior. However, the safety of a parking lot especially is vital, as a property owner is typically liable for accidents caused by a damaged parking lot and walkways. The appearance of your property's exterior can also make prospective tenants, customers, and other visitors feel welcomed and inviting, or put them off from even going inside your building!

To enhance your commercial property's safety and appearance:

  • Opt for regular parking lot striping, to ensure markings are always visible
  • Quickly fill in potholes, cracks, and even minor blemishes along lots and walkways
  • Invest in regular power washing of concrete and asphalt
  • Replace damaged surfaces as needed

There are many other ways that a business owner can enhance and protect the appearance and safety of their property's exterior. A property owner or general maintenance person can perform some of these tasks, while other jobs are a bit more complicated and require the services of a professional.

Note a few suggestions for how to enhance and protect your property's appearance and safety, and then discuss these with an asphalt paving contractor in the Dallas area, landscaping professional, or other such contractors as needed. You might also ask your commercial property insurance agent for suggestions on how to improve your property and potentially even lower your insurance costs at the same time!

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Asphalt Resurfacing and Parking Lot Striping for Safety

Never underestimate the importance of your lot's overall safety; as said, a building owner is typically liable for the costs of any accidents due to the negligence of a property's upkeep, including faded parking stripes and symbols. Consider some vital steps for ensuring your Dallas asphalt parking lot and walkways are safe for both vehicle and foot traffic:

  • Faded lines and symbols can sometimes lead to traffic accidents, as drivers often don't realize who has the right-of-way or may not stop at certain corners. To avoid collisions on your lot, have stripes and other such markings refreshed every year, or as often as needed, to ensure their colors are vibrant and symbols are easy to see.
  • Always hire a professional for parking lot striping, as he or she will know how to mark a parking lot correctly and according to local ordinances and codes. A professional asphalt paving contractor will typically use a heavy-duty parking lot striping machine, enabling them to apply thick, vibrant, visible paint lines that last as long as possible.
  • Ensure that you add new markings whenever you need to change the direction of traffic, or if you notice consistent near-miss accidents at a particular intersection. New arrows indicating the direction of traffic and symbols or wording warning cars of upcoming stop signs at certain spots in your lot will reduce the risk of accidents and ensure traffic flows smoothly and safely.
  • If new parking lines and other such symbols are always difficult to see, it might be time to repave your property’s parking lot. Fresh asphalt or concrete with a  dark aggregate, or a chip seal over the asphalt, will provide a fresh, stark background for lines and markings, making them more visible to drivers.
  • Never underestimate the importance of asphalt resurfacing when it comes to potholes, chips, cracks, spalling, ruts, and other such damage along the surface of asphalt or concrete. Even small holes and cracks can cause damage to vehicles, and these blemishes also interfere with a driver's ability to brake appropriately, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Chips and cracks along sidewalks, as well as buckled sections and small potholes, pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Have these damaged areas repaired quickly so that all walkways are level, even, and safe for staff and visitors.
  • Keep the lawn properly trimmed and remove excess vegetation, especially if it hangs over sidewalks, so pedestrians can see the edges of walkways clearly. Ensure that weeds, thick hedges, and even flowers don't cover signage or parking lot lines.
  • Once the entire surface of asphalt or concrete begins to spall, chip, or flake away, don't assume that a small bit of patching is sufficient for repairs. Recoat or repave the lot with a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete or with a chip sealant for a Dallas property, to provide a safe walking or driving surface.
  • Ensure that your property's curbing is always in good repair, to help avoid vehicles actually pulling up on your lawn and potentially getting stuck in the dirt or damaging sidewalks and walkways! Curbs and bollards also help stop errant drivers from crashing into bike racks, trash cans, and even the building itself. Painting curbs a bright yellow helps keep them visible and reduces the risk of accidents.

Note, too, that most cities and counties have regulations that dictate requirements for stripes and markings on commercial asphalt installation on a Dallas property, including the size of parking spaces and arrows to direct traffic. Local regulations might even require you to use a certain parking lot striping paint for new markings.

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If you're not sure of local regulations and codes, check with the city or county office that issues business licenses as they can typically advise on requirements for your lot. You can also call an asphalt paving contractor in Dallas or your area in particular and have them manage the installation of new parking lines for you.

Related Questions

Should you replace an asphalt lot with concrete?

Asphalt offers many advantages over concrete, including a lower price, added traction, and dark color that reduces daytime glare. While only a property owner can decide the best choice for their lot and walkways, don't overlook the many benefits of asphalt versus concrete for a Dallas property.

Should a property owner paint parking lines and other stripes?

Always hire a professional for asphalt resurfacing and parking lot striping of a Dallas property, as he or she will know the correct paints to use for your pavement and will ensure that any such striping or other marking is installed or added according to local building or property codes.

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