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"Very fast and efficient paving company. Happy with the work and the warranty too."
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45 Years of Experience of Asphalt Paving Dallas

When it comes time to pick asphalt paving contractors in Dallas, you don't just want to go with the first paving company you see. Dallas Asphalt Paving has over 45 years of experience in the industry. That means we have the crew that can handle any size asphalt project that you throw at us.

WARRANTIES on Everything

We want you to know how confident we are in our asphalt paving services in Dallas that we provide. That's why everything we do comes with a 1-year WARRANTY. There shouldn't be anything that goes wrong, but in the rare chance it does, we will get it fixed up for you as soon as you call us.

Locally Owned Dallas Paving Company

Other asphalt paving contractors in Dallas come to you from out of town or even out of state. That means they are taking your money and giving it back to their own communities instead of yours. All the cash we collect gets reinvested in the friends and neighbors that work for us and the local businesses we support.

Asphalt Paving Contractors in Dallas with Integrity

Residential and commercial asphalt paving services done to your satisfaction... GUARANTEED!

Asphalt surfacing in Dallas is a permanent fixture. When it's done, you want it to look exactly the way that you envisioned it. Even though our asphalt paving contractors in Dallas are doing the work, you're still the one in charge. If you see something that doesn't meet what you were expecting, let us know. We will either fix it or explain things to you in a way that you're going to fully comprehend. Either way, as a top paving company in Dallas, your satisfaction is our top priority and we won't stop until you're delighted with what we've done.
"After a shoddy job by another asphalt paving contractor in Dallas, these guys really came through and delivered a quality product for us."

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The Quality Services Our Asphalt Paving Contractors in Dallas Provide

45 Years of Asphalt Paving in Dallas

Asphalt paving in Dallas comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer services for driveway paving, parking lots, and even major roads and highways. We have the highly-trained asphalt paving contractors in Dallas that are prepared to tackle any project, regardless of the difficulty level. In the event we need more crew members, equipment, or materials than what we would normally use, we get it taken care of before we get started so that your job is done in the most efficient manner. We have been running as an independent paving company business for over 10 years, and we've seen just about everything. Through that hands-on work, we are able to get a clear idea of precisely what it's going to take.
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dallas asphalt paving - sealcoat being poured

Sealcoating Dallas for Added Protection

You want to extend the life of your asphalt as much as possible after making the initial investment. With traffic, weather, and other conditions that come in contact with your pathways, it doesn't take long for things to start to wear out. One guaranteed way to keep everything looking good as new is through our abilities to do superior sealcoating in Dallas. It's a thin, extra layer of protection that makes it impossible for water, fuel, oil, or anything else to get through the surface into the foundation. Instead of worrying about what's happening under your surface, you'll have the reassurance you need that it's all as it should be.

Quick Asphalt Crack Repair in Dallas

You may have had your asphalt pathway for a while, and you may have even done the right thing and scheduled all of the necessary maintenance to keep it protected. However, almost everything has a shelf life, and asphalt isn't any different. Cracks, breaks, and holes are going to emerge eventually, regardless of how careful you are. As soon as you notice anything destructive happening, contact us right away. We will get the asphalt crack repair in Dallas done right away to prevent things from getting much worse and much more costly.
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Affordable Chip Sealing for Dallas

For rural roads or driveways that don't see a lot of traffic, chip sealing in Dallas is often a better option. We layer a specific amount of asphalt and aggregate to give you a firm surface that's more affordable than traditional asphalt. We also can do tar and chip services to help repair and fill in driveways or parking lots that may have damage and need to be re-bonded. It's a fast and easy way to refinish the surface without completely redoing the entire thing.

Explore Our Asphalt Paving Service Areas

While Dallas Asphalt Paving runs locally out of the Dallas area, that doesn't mean that we can't take our asphalt paving contractors from Dallas and hit the road. We can do asphalt paving services for a plethora of customers in and around the surrounding areas. If you see your city listed here, give us a call at (469) 405-4117 and take advantage of our FREE no-obligation quotes. Even if you don't see your town, you can still get in touch with us to see what we can do to help.

Your Best Paving Company Choice 

Did other asphalt paving contractors in Dallas come to your home or business and do a less than perfect job on your driveway or parking lot? It's not uncommon for us to get these kinds of calls. We have no problem coming in and doing what needs to be done to get your driveway resurfacing in Dallas, pothole repair (or any other and other asphalt work) done correctly the second time. We also do parking lot striping and a variety of other asphalt related work. If you aren't sure what you need, we're happy to go over all the specifics with you.

You may not think much about investing in asphalt paving services in Dallas, but it's one of the best investments that you're ever going to make. If you run a commercial business, for instance, it gives potential customers the idea that you are someone that cares about your business and takes the time to make sure things look nice. It will provide them with that little bit extra they need to come in and check things out. Additionally, if you are a homeowner, you know how any home improvements completed can add value and curb appeal to your home. If you have existing surfaces that are untreated or old, broken, and dangerous, a new asphalt driveway in Dallas is going to change everything. Call us your best choice paving company.

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